Text Your Way Back To Love After Breaking Up

In the words of the old song, “walking back to happiness, walking back to love.”

If you’ve broken up, that’s partly what you want to do. Probably you also partly want to kill your ex, but that’s another issue. Or maybe it’s not another issue, maybe it’s the real issue.

That actually, all along, you were really angry with your ex-for things they didn’t do, and perhaps even the things they did do.

Like they never listened to you, or they disrespected your opinions, or they always thought they knew best, or they never listened to what you wanted … I mean think about it — there are millions of things that could be getting in the way of you and your partner making up.

So question number one: do you really want to make up?

Was your partner your soulmate. Could your partner sorry, your ex-partner, be your soulmate?

Is there any chance that you made a terrible mistake and you should never have broken up?

If so, do you know anything about how to get back together?

And could you do that without going back into the angry, fearful, shame, guilt ridden, unaccepting, judgmental, critical place you were in before?

I mean, you were in that place, right? I assume you are in that place because if you weren’t why would you have broken up?

Something to think about there — that might be a clue as to whether you really could get back with your partner or not.

But, having said that, let’s assume that you have decided you want to get back together with your ex-partner.

Whatcha going to do to make that happen?

What can you do to overcome the grief, pain, the lack of communication, the resentments and all the other throngs that your partner invested in you?

Sorry, of course you were the one who was right all along — I forgot that for a minute!

Now: stop fooling yourself! The truth is, it takes 2 to tango, and it takes 2 to make a relationship, and it takes 2 to break it up.

So if your relationship has broken up we can reasonably assume you’re 50% to blame — even if you don’t think you are.

That means you bear 50% of the responsibility for making up — and if you want to and your partner doesn’t, then clearly you’ll have to carry 100% of the responsibility of making up.

What does that mean in practice?

1) You have to be more emotionally intelligent than you were in the first place, or it’s never going to work.

2) You have to find out some ways in which you can get back together with your partner without being threatening or abusive, guilty or needy.

3) You have to learn some techniques that will allow you to avoid the emotional difficulties that you faced in the first place, that were presumably responsible for you breaking up when you did.

And how are you going to do that?

Go to couples’ counseling with your ex-partner? That’s an interesting suggestion! Maybe you’d like to try asking your ex-boyfriend, or your ex-girlfriend, if they’d like to undertake couples’ counseling with you, just to see what they say….

And of course it’s possible they might say “yes”, in which case your problems are almost over — I mean, let’s face it, if somebody is willing to go to counseling with you, then they’re probably willing to get back together with you.

Of course that doesn’t alter the job you have to do: which is basically about finding a way to re-establish communication, about finding a way to be more emotionally intelligent with each other, and above all, to stop projecting all your negative stuff onto your partner and thinking it’s their fault.

So; not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, I know, but I guess if you need to get back together with your ex-partner badly enough, you’re going to do it.

And that’s where I might be able to help you: because Text Your Ex Back is an incredible system about texting your ex. It truly is a revolutionary system by which you can actually re-establish a relationship through using SMS text messages. I know that sounds a crazy notion, but believe it or not — it does work. You really can Text Your Ex Back. How does it work?

Basically you use a series of highly ordered and systematic text messages, each of which is designed to convey a different impression and a different message. They’re unemotional, they’re detached, they’re objective, and they really give you the opportunity to say what you want to say without provoking anger, grief, fear or anything else.

A serious analysis of the online program can be found on my very own website, which is linked to below. See if it might possibly be the thing that you want or need to a have better relationship with someone new or with your ex-partner.

The Adonis Golden Ratio

This is a wonderful program for men who are dissatisfied with their weight or body shape, as it is a superb way of losing weight fast.

We all know that dieting for men is a touchy subject — men like to think that they know best about all health and relationship issues, although they might do well to take advice from women occasionally!

In fact, one of the most predominant and successful dieting and weight loss programs for women, called the Venus Factor, has been written by John Barban, a man who’s also specialized in weight training, diet and exercise for men. (Read about the Venus Factor here: www.losingweightfasts.com )

So how many calories do you need?


Although this could hardly be considered as a way in which men can take advice from women, it’s interesting that John Barban has recognized that dieting and weight loss for men and women must be specialized to the sex in question.

It’s no use trying to use a commonplace diet program such as the Atkins diet, or any random 12 week, 10 pound weight loss diet that you can find on the Internet, for both men and women. This approach simply is not going to work, because both genders have specific requirements as far as physiology and health is concerned – I mean there is no one diet plan that suits all.

Now, our expert John Barban has recognized this, as I say, in that he has written the Venus Factor for women, and the Adonis Golden Ratio for men. These are interesting programs that recognize the differences in physiology and biology between the sexes: for example, for women, the activity of the fat burning hormone leptin is absolutely critical in attempting to slim, lose weight, or even to adopt a better body shape — which is not necessarily linked to the specific issue of losing weight as quickly as possible.

Most women, says John Barban, look at their best when they have between 20 and 30% body fat, whereas men achieve an ideal toned look at between 10 and 20% body fat.

This difference is fundamental to the approach which both men and women need to take when they are dieting or trying to adopt a better body shape.

You see, the thing is, with the leptin resistance that women commonly experience, it’s actually quite hard for a woman to lose weight even if she’s on a diet — which generally means that the diet is ineffective, and her motivation decreases, and she fails to lose weight quickly.

A much better approach is to adopt a number of approaches that can increase the sensitivity of her body to leptin, since her own natural hormone is by far the most effective medium for achieving weight loss.

In the Venus Factor, John outlines three different ways in which a woman’s body’s sensitivity to leptin can be increased, ranging from the use of nutritional supplements, to a particular exercise regime.

For men, things seem to be much more straightforward — the Adonis Golden Ratio seems to explain in simple terms an approach to dieting and weight loss which men can adopt successfully. Now having said that, to reduce body fat around 10% is perhaps just as much of a challenge ultimately as losing weight is for a woman, but men are supported in their objectives by a well tried and tested regime that John has evolved over many years.

He is an expert in sports science, nutritional supplementation, exercise physiology, and other disciplines to do with health and fitness and nutrition.

This experience has enabled him to adopt an exercise program from men which allows them to obtain the maximum rate of weight loss over a 12 week period, using carefully defined goals and objectives to ensure that the speed with which they achieve their objectives is maximized.

Critical to John’s approach in all cases, is a nutritional supplementation regime devised for the individual client, along with an exercise regime which are similarly tune to the needs of every individual. It’s this combination of technology and rigorous science which has enabled John to achieve the premier position in the weight loss market on the Internet today.

As you can see from the testimonials that are available on websites around the Internet, there’s no question that sticking to a goal or objective and using a steady and reliable program of exercise and weight loss can make a huge difference to everyone’s outcome and achievement — the difference being, that in this case the objectives are actually achieved!

Video – The Key To Dieting Success

Now, I don’t wish to be cynical about other people’s diet programs, and I think perhaps it’s best to limit observations to the success rate of people on these diet, because when all is said and done, that is the objective measurement of whether or not a diet and exercise program is going to lead you to you weight loss goals. [ Barban’s success rate = 70+ %. ]

One of the clients that I recommended these programs to suggested that the use of an individualized dieting weight loss programs to be something of a “con”, on the grounds that in fact all one is doing is feeding in height weight and some other measurements, and getting out a “personalized” exercise program.

This criticism misses the point: the program is personalized because different somatotypes fall into different classifications of height, weight, or waist size, chest size, and so on. We know that each of those somatotypes have distinctly different requirements of exercise and diet to maintain a healthy body.

John’s contention is that everybody basically has an ideal body under the fat, and that it simply disguised by the amount of fat each person carries: you’ll see that this observation means that regardless of your overall size, in terms of height at least, that you fundamentally have an ideal body shape which is waiting to be released from the fat which currently hides it. The Venus Factor and Adonis Golden ratio can do this for you. Read about the Adonis Golden Ratio here: www.bodybuildingweightprogram.com and www.workoutyourshape.com  – these are sites which will give you all the information you could possibly need on the best way to lose weight quickly for men.