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Relationship Problems Can Be Solved!

As we all know there are very few things in life more painful than a relationship ending and very often when it’s ended, we want to get back into relationship as soon as possible. Furthermore, we often want to get back into relationship with the person with whom we have just broken up!
Relationships end because of the powerful messages and beliefs that we hold in the subconscious mind. Regrettably, often that leads us to breakup with somebody when we feel powerful emotions coming from historical events emotional wounds, if you like.

Then, with time and space, it becomes abundantly clear to us that what we actually wanted to do was make up with the person and continue the relationship because they felt like our soulmate.

So is there an easy way of making up after a breakup?

Probably not, but one of the things that you can do is get help and advice from a program like Text Your Ex Back.

Text Your Ex Back is a program written by Mike Fiore, Internet guru relationship advisor, and Internet Counselor. He’s written many programs on relationship advice from men and women including Text The Romance Back and, with Claire Casey, a program for women called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever [ ] , the purpose of which rather speaks for itself, I feel.

However, if you have broken up with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, then Text Your Ex Back may be exactly what you need right now.

It’s a powerful program which lies on SMS messages, or text messages, sent by mobile phone, to convey your feelings and emotions and needs and desires to your ex-partner.

Sound a bit crazy? Well, yes of course it can sound weird at first, but think about it for a moment. You have the opportunity to send all kinds of communication in a non-emotional way to your ex-partner. This conveys to them a different meaning than the one that might come across if you sat there face-to-face, ready to be triggered by the emotional wounds of the past the wounds that triggered the breakup in the first place.

Text Your Ex Back Video

So there is a lot of sense to this: in fact, communicating by text message in delicate situations, provided its handled carefully and with skill, can actually lead to reconciliation and harmony, allowing you to make up after a breakup. Find out  more here which is my complete review of Text Your Ex Back.

Now of course whether or not your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or ex-partner decides that they want to play along with this is entirely up to them, so success is not guaranteed.

Nonetheless I would suggest that Text Your Ex Back is a program that offers you an opportunity to achieve reconciliation like few other things do except, possibly, expensive one-to-one relationship counseling with a skilled therapist. While many people want to pay for that, it isn’t within the reach of everyone. The approach of counselling I recommend is archetypal coaching, which is exemplified by these guys, who run workshops for men.

They talk about the male archetypes of King Warrior Magician and Lover and split out different parts of the personality into these metaphorical archetypes so that they can be usefully worked with in counselling and therapy.

As far as relationship repair and renewal, which is what Text Your Ex Back deals with, we are talking about the Lover archetype. This is the part of the personality associated with love and connection – and human relationships.

And that brings us back to Text Your Ex Back. This comes in two versions. What I call the light version, and the heavy version, but which Mike Fiore calls the Basic version and the Platinum version. Whether or not you invest in the more expensive Platinum version is an interesting question, because I don’t think it offers a huge amount more than the basic version. In essence, what you get with the basic version is a complete system of reconciliation.

By that, I mean you get all the relationship counseling and advice that you might get from a professional counselor, except you get it in an e-book format; and you also get an entire series of text messages, with a program telling you when to send them, what the purpose of each different type of text message is, and the effect that it is likely to have on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Now obviously the proof of the pudding is, as they say, in the eating! In this situation that probably means you’re not likely to know if this is going to work until you try it. However, “nothing lost, nothing gained” might be another adage which applies to this situation

Now, one of the great things about text your ex back is that it contains and members forum where you can meet with the other participants and what that might mean to you is that you’re going to get support of the kind that you really have never expected to get back after a breakup before.

Why is the support valuable? Well, because we all need to exchange our experiences with other people, to establish a point of reference that will help us decide whether or not we are in the wrong or even going mad sharing human experiences, particularly common experiences is one of the ways in which I can either take can reassure us that we are actually on the right track, rather than following another path in life which is helpful to us.

My suggestion is that if you have any interest whatsoever in re-establishing a relationship with your ex-partner, that you have a look at Text Your Ex Back. There’s a money-back guarantee which will make it easier for you to decide whether to buy it, I hope, and certainly there’s no harm done in trying it  provided you are absolutely certain that you really do want to get back with your ex-partner. This is not a recipe for a relationship based on ego, or on your neediness so the only justification taking this road is that you’re certain you have lost a soulmate.

Have fun!