The Issues Behind Dieting

Over the years that I have been engaged in therapeutic work, many things have become clear to me about human nature.

One of the most interesting ones is the fact that we are so governed by genetic impulses which we don’t even begin to suspect are playing the way we interact with each other in everyday life.

For example, women are obsessed — or at least, men would sometimes say they are! — with their appearance. Yet, biologically, there’s a very good reason for this: from nature’s point of view, reproduction of the species is the only imperative for all life on Earth.

Let's face it, there is no Venus Factor contest, is there?
Which do you find more appealing? Honestly?

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And, because we happen to be blessed with a brain that may have evolved beyond other creatures’, for humans, female attractiveness is a key factor in nature’s plan to allow us to populate the planet.

Now, even though a lot of women would like to rationalise dieting and losing weight on the basis of good health, healing fit, and living longer life, and these are certainly benefits of losing weight, the real fundamental aspect that governs all of a woman’s desire to look good is simple: that fundamentally, attractiveness is a female imperative for reproduction, just as responding to it is a male imperative for reproduction.

Do you doubt this? Well please don’t, because there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the basis of all initial sexual attraction is physical appearance, and strangely enough although we can think of men is the more visual creatures, that is probably also true for women as well.

Of course there are many other factors which play into couples commitment to each other, and certainly with the sophisticated brain that we have at our disposal, there are many factors that a woman will assess before she decides whether or not to have a child with a particular man.

But fundamentally, looking good is about attracting men. I’ve heard it said by women, that looking good is probably also about competing with other women — when you think about it this is actually the same thing in the end. It’s my belief, rightly or wrongly, that men are a lot less likely to steal a male friend’s woman than a woman Is to steal a female friend’s man.

However, I’ve certainly got off the subject of attractiveness, in offering that somewhat controversial interpretation of why women want to look attractive. So regardless of the motivation behind losing weight and dieting, the fact of the matter is that it’s a perennial occupation for a great number of women.

There’s huge irony in this of course, because women only overweight — just as men are — because they eat too much. And why do we too much? I think fundamentally this is because we are actually unhappy as a species. Perhaps dieting and weight loss is a way of assuaging our guilt about overeating in the first place! ( I mean, as well as a way of looking attractive!)

So, in view of the fact that women’s desire to lose weight is never going to go away, that it’s a perennial occupation, as testified to by the huge number of diets and weight loss fads that appeared on the market in recent years, I offer my own recommendation for women who want to lose weight, which is the Venus Factor by John Barban.

What makes this so special, in my opinion, is the fact that the attention to detail goes far beyond anything you could reasonably expect to find in almost any other diet program on the market.

It’s not just that John Barban is a highly qualified and very experienced weight trainer, exercise physiologist, and sports scientist — although that’s true.

It’s also that he’s put together a program which accommodates almost every possible motivation for losing weight, and is tailored to almost every individual physique, motivation, and objective that you can imagine.

In other words, you’re not left with a basic diet plan, to try and work out how you as an individual can fit it to your own requirements.

Instead, you get personalized program which is both personalized for nutrition and personalized for exercise. By feeding in basic data about your weight, your appearance,  and your objectives, you can get out of program which shows you exactly what to eat at every meal for the entire 12 weeks of the program, as well as an exercise program that shows you exactly which exercised you should be doing every day of the into 12 weeks of the program.

This is actually unique to the Venus Factor; as far as I know there’s no other diet program on the market which offers anything similar to this. In the post below, we will Go into more detail about the structure and form of the Venus Factor.

However, what I can say at this point is that I unreservedly recommend it, and I think  because of the way that the Venus Factor is planned to fit into your everyday life, that you stand a much higher chance of weight loss success with this diet program than you do with any other.

Not only does it offer a personalized program in the way that I have described, but it also offers you access to John Barban himself, access to a whole team of highly trained advisers and mentors, and access to the Venus Factor community.

What this means in practice is that you have access to hundreds if not thousands of women like yourself who are all engaged in a process of losing weight, looking at their motivation, and supporting each other in a wholesome and delightful way: there’s no competitiveness, there’s no  backbiting, and there’s no criticism.

This means that you have completely supportive environment in which you can actually ask questions, no matter how basic or simple they may be, with the assurance that you will get complete support and reassurance from those people who mental others who are just starting out on the program.

The Venus Factor

In fact, one of the most predominant and successful dieting and weight loss programs for women, called the Venus Factor, has been written by John Barban, a man who’s also specialized in weight training, diet and exercise for men. (Read about the Venus Factor here:

So how many calories do you need?

Although this could hardly be considered as a way in which men can take advice from women, it’s interesting that John Barban has recognized that dieting and weight loss for men and women must be specialized to the sex in question.

It’s no use trying to use a commonplace diet program such as the Atkins diet, or any random 12 week, 10 pound weight loss diet that you can find on the Internet, for both men and women. This approach simply is not going to work, because both genders have specific requirements as far as physiology and health is concerned – I mean there is no one diet plan that suits all.

Now, our expert John Barban has recognized this, as I say, in that he has written the Venus Factor for women, and the Adonis Golden Ratio for men. These are interesting programs that recognize the differences in physiology and biology between the sexes: for example, for women, the activity of the fat burning hormone leptin is absolutely critical in attempting to slim, lose weight, or even to adopt a better body shape — which is not necessarily linked to the specific issue of losing weight as quickly as possible.

Most women, says John Barban, look at their best when they have between 20 and 30% body fat, whereas men achieve an ideal toned look at between 10 and 20% body fat.

This difference is fundamental to the approach which both men and women need to take when they are dieting or trying to adopt a better body shape.

You see, the thing is, with the leptin resistance that women commonly experience, it’s actually quite hard for a woman to lose weight even if she’s on a diet — which generally means that the diet is ineffective, and her motivation decreases, and she fails to lose weight quickly.

A much better approach is to adopt a number of approaches that can increase the sensitivity of her body to leptin, since her own natural hormone is by far the most effective medium for achieving weight loss.

In the Venus Factor, John outlines three different ways in which a woman’s body’s sensitivity to leptin can be increased, ranging from the use of nutritional supplements, to a particular exercise regime.

Video – The Key To Dieting Success

Now, I don’t wish to be cynical about other people’s diet programs, and I think perhaps it’s best to limit observations to the success rate of people on these diet, because when all is said and done, that is the objective measurement of whether or not a diet and exercise program is going to lead you to you weight loss goals. [ Barban’s success rate = 70+ %. ]

One of the clients that I recommended these programs to suggested that the use of an individualized dieting weight loss programs to be something of a “con”, on the grounds that in fact all one is doing is feeding in height weight and some other measurements, and getting out a “personalized” exercise program.

This criticism misses the point: the program is personalized because different somatotypes fall into different classifications of height, weight, or waist size, chest size, and so on. We know that each of those somatotypes have distinctly different requirements of exercise and diet to maintain a healthy body.

John’s contention is that everybody basically has an ideal body under the fat, and that it simply disguised by the amount of fat each person carries: you’ll see that this observation means that regardless of your overall size, in terms of height at least, that you fundamentally have an ideal body shape which is waiting to be released from the fat which currently hides it.

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