Having A Great Relationship

Looking for love? Convinced you will always be alone? Well, despair no more! The truth is that if you really want a great relationship, you really can get one, as explained here.

manifesting a relationship
Manifestation can get you a relationship.

Now, for all you doubters out there, I might as well fess up right now that we’re talking here about the law of attraction & manifestation.

If you’re not into these two processes, you might as well turn away now, because this page is clearly going to try your belief to the limit.

But the interesting thing about skepticism in this area is that almost everybody I know has had at least one experience which is clearly the universe work manifesting – “magically” – those things which we least expect.

For example, have you ever had a telephone call from a friend immediately after you’ve thought about them?

This is such a common experience that you probably have indeed had it several times in your life, though you might never have stopped to wonder what was going on.

Almost everyone who experiences this will pause for a moment to reflect on how it’s “remarkable”, but the deeper issues and meaning of such events generally escape us because we are focused on the material world – not the spiritual.

The material vs the spiritual
We are focused on the material world, not the spiritual.

When you stop to think about it, though, this is absolutely phenomenal – that there is some kind of telepathic information being transmitted through some medium between the mind of the person who is about to call you and your mind.

That’s why you know they’re about to call you – and then the telephone rings. This is “thought transference” in its clearest, simplest and most obvious form. But how does it work?

The answer is that it works in exactly the same way as manifestation through the Law of Attraction; which can manifest you a reality that might be unimaginable at the moment.

Books like The Secret made it obvious to us that there is a body of belief in the world which says that you can get whatever you want using the power of your mind.

In essence, that is manifestation – the appearance of goods, people, objects, and things such as sexual relationships between men and women on the physical plane, with the results brought about by using intention, conscious awareness, visualization, and the focus of your mind on your desired objective.

Although many people who work with the Law Of Attraction would insist that isn’t necessary to understand the mechanism by which this communication happens, we can assume that there is some kind of universal intelligence or energy or substrate through which thoughts and other intentions can be communicated.

This communication occurs between human brains, and between a single human brain and the universal intelligence. It’s also possible to assume that when this happens, thoughts are manifested in physical form through some process of reality creation under the control of the universal intelligence.

Now if this is true, and you can manifest anything you want including people, events, places and “strange coincidences“, then it follows that you can manifest a sexual relationship if you intend to do so.

The precursors of this manifestation in reality are clear intention, firm belief in the possibility of manifestation, a real desire for a relationship, a belief that the relationship is going to appear, and the ability on your part hold negative beliefs about the impossibility of manifestation at bay.

And of course it’s hard to believe in the eternal physical manifestation of things from the universal energy field – we are not by nature spiritual beings; or, rather, our main focus is the everyday material world which impacts our lives on the surface of this planet.

But if you can shift your perspective, and consider for a moment the widespread belief in a higher power commonly called “God” or the gods, and add to that the events which you have experienced in your own life, such as the telephone ringing immediately after you’ve thought of a friend, and them being on the line, then you might find it easier to believe in the possibility of thought transference, telepathy, and reality creation in the form of manifestation.

I’m not asking you to stretch your belief system beyond the bounds of credibility, but to consider the possibility that there is another dimension to our existence beyond that which our physical senses reveal to us.

And course when this becomes a real  possibility for you, your mind naturally opens to the possibility of using that extra dimension of existence to manifest reality.

As I said at the start of this piece you really can get a relationship if you want one, and the techniques aren’t that difficult – you can find out how to do it by clicking on the link at the head of this piece, or by reading any other good website or book on manifestation of love and relationships using the law of attraction.

I wouldn’t actually recommend The Secret, because I don’t think it explains the process of manifestation particularly well, but if you want to look at it it’s great as a motivational piece for increasing your enthusiasm and belief in the possibility of reality creation.

And one thing that I do want to mention before I close this piece is the fact that it’s necessary to take action – a lot of people, perhaps conditioned from birth to expect things to fall into their laps, believe that it’s possible to manifest reality by sitting around on their asses, just visualizing an outcome.

Perhaps it is, but my belief system is that it is necessary to take action, action in the world which will tell the universe that you’re serious about your intention, and allow it plenty of opportunity to manifest your desired outcome in physical form.

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