The Body and Sexual Problems and Attraction

I want to introduce another website for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It’s called Unlimited Staying Power and it’s written by Rod Phillips, who’s been looking at this issue for over 12 years now. You can see it here – hope it helps control your premature ejaculation!

However, another sexual dysfunction that can affect men is not widely known. It is called delayed ejaculation, or retarded ejaculation. This is a condition where a man cannot ejaculate during sexual intercourse, no matter how long it lasts.

Although some men with premature ejaculation might think this highly desirable, it is in fact a very distressing condition for both the man and his partner.

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However, depth of penetration during lovemaking is one factor which can make a difference. If you’re a man with a long erection, you’ll want to go gently at first when you thrust, because hitting a woman’s cervix when she isn’t really aroused can be quite uncomfortable for her. But such deep penetration can help with ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment – Video

Also, depending on the shape of your erection and the angle of her vagina, you may want to try altering the angle of her pelvis by placing cushions underneath her bottom to raise or lower it – that’s if you’re making love in the man on top position, of course….

You’ll also be to alter the angle of her vagina by asking her to move her knees and legs upwards towards her chest, or down onto the bed.

Some of these techniques will give really deep penetration which can be incredibly exciting for both the man and woman; and very deep penetration has the same effect on a lot of men as vigorous thrusting – they ejaculate more quickly.

Advantages of other sexual positions (other than overcoming delayed ejaculation!)

Other advantages of the man on top techniques include the fact that is easy to roll over onto your sides to enjoy the side-by-side position for sex. That tends to be a lot easier on the woman than having the man lying down full-length on top of her, which tends to give some breathing difficulties and make her feel a bit squashed!

And, having said that, some women find the sensation of their man’s weight on them quite arousing during sex: a lot of women have told me that they actually feel safer in the man on top position. Read more on the relevant pages of this site.

Do you want to improve your sex life?

Men, regrettably, often wonder about penis size – it’s one of the factors that they are asking about, usually with a high level of anxiety, if they are not well endowed in this department!

My response to this question is always the same: you can’t actually enlarge the size of your penis, unless you lose fat around your abdomen which makes it look bigger — and so it’s a much better strategy to come to terms with what you have, and increase your sense of self-confidence, so that women respect you more.

The truth of the matter, as you may or may not realize, is that it isn’t penis size that attracts 95% of women, but confidence, respect, love and affection.

Video – sex positions for men with small penis

Now I know that may be difficult for a lot of men to accept, but if you talk to women, you realize that it is absolutely true. Penis size can please women physically during sexual intercourse, but so can many other things… and what they really want is to be cherished.

Body Shape in Women

Regrettably, the other side of this equation is that women believe that they need to have a certain body shape or type for men to find them attractive, but in fact the reality is rather different: though men might, and indeed do, enjoy looking at shapely women, they are much more tolerant of blemishes on the female body than women themselves tend to be.

In particular, women who are fat often feel that they are losing out in the sexual attraction stakes and the relationship stakes. Losing weight can become an obsession, with fluctuating weight gain and loss, depending on the latest dietary fad, the latest nutritional plan, or indeed the latest bizarre nutritional supplement. There is actually only one formula diet plan that allows you to lose weight effectively, and that’s the Venus Factor.

Now the reason that the Venus Factor works is because it’s based on sound scientific principles associated with the female body. You wouldn’t want to confuse weight loss plans for men with dietary regimes for women, because the physiology of the two genders is completely different.

What allows one man to lose weight but certainly not allow another woman to lose weight. So instead, when it comes to dieting, exercise plans and indeed body shaping, venous factor stands head and shoulders above every other program because it’s tailored to female requirements.

However, comparatively few women in our modern society conform to a socially acceptable and ideal body shape, so it’s hardly a factor of importance in mate selection.  For women, it’s probably not necessary to have an ideal body shape to attract a man anyway, since men tend to be governed by factors like sexual desire and less by emotional factors. Even so, there’s no doubt that having the so called “Venus” body shape can give you an advantage in this area!

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